“I am attending the Swing and Salsa classes since the end of January. I like the environment, social setting, and the classes are fun. Thank you, John, Michele, and Carlos ... you are great instructors.”

Chris S
March 2018

“Last Friday Salsa class was great in part because there were many folks and a good balance of men and women. The class would be rated "great" for me if there was a syllabus or list of moves so that I could choreograph a routine with enough moves to last a whole song. I know we are invited to video separate demos, but this seems inconvenient to me during class. Ever thought of putting out your ownDVD ? When I was in Cuba, every little band or trio had their own DVD's or CD's they sold to us for $10. Not professionally done, but enjoyable. Could maybe even get into different styles of Salsa. Just a thought. ”

Rich P
January 2019


“I am grateful to beable experience a high level of instruction for an affordable price. I also enjoy the social events which enable me to met other people and dance.”

Cheryl G
December 2016

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 “Sara Dance is the Best place to dance in Sarasota! Especially if you don't have to give a partner. All the dancers are so welcoming . I found all the gentlemen dancers to be open to dance with everyone. And the guys are good!! If you just want social dancing, there's something different every night. If you want private lessons, there are a number of excellent pros. pricing is affordable also.”

December 2019

Testimonials for Sara Dance Center

Sara Dance Center is an independent dance studio committed to inspiring fun and confidence in dancing. SDC offer group classes and dance social throughout the week, every week. No contracts, no reservations needed. With over 20 teachers we offer plenty of talent for private lessons; social dancing, competition, and basic through advanced.

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